To attract and retain the best talent, organizations must be oriented toward a better quality of life at work, the basic ingredient of which is: civility.

This training course aims to support employers and employees, from all sectors of activity, in creating and maintaining a healthy work climate.

Online awareness capsules

A dynamic and fun educational approach. Varied activities.

Short and compelling online capsules that aim to raise awareness of the positive impact of civility and to equip members of an organization to maintain and promote it in their workplace.

Icône de la capsule 1

Capsule 1 – It’s the Law!

Duration: 10 minutes

  • Present the legal framework relating to psychological harassment at work
  • Specify the rights and obligations dictated by law
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Capsule 2 – Civility and Incivility

Duration : 20 minutes

  • Define the concepts of harassment, civility and incivility
  • Identify uncivil behaviour
  • Promote civil behaviour at work
Icône de la capsule 3

Capsule 3 – Civility Above All

Duration : 15 minutes

  • Identify the impacts of civility and incivility at all levels of the organization
  • Explain the importance of prevention in maintaining a healthy work environment
Icône de la capsule 4

Capsule 4 – Intervening to Restore Civility

Duration : 25 minutes

  • Present the roles and responsibilities of a person who has experienced incivility or witnessed incivility
  • Resolve a situation of incivility thanks to an adapted feedback strategy
Icône de la capsule 5

Capsule 5 – The Role of the Manager (for managers)

Duration : 15 minutes

  • Apply prevention strategies
  • Formulate effective feedback during an informal intervention
  • Intervene appropriately in the event of more serious incivility
Icône de la capsule 6

Competency Assessment Capsule

Duration : 20 minutes

  • Test the competencies acquired in the previous capsules
  • Obtain a portrait of this knowledge by distinguishing three axes: Theoretical, decision-making and communication skills

Do you want to explore the course further?

Achieve a healthy work environment using our strategic, systemic and neutral methods.

  • Support process
  • Organizational policies
  • Diagnostics and surveys
  • Interviews and focus group
  • Training and conferences
  • Team building
  • Customized team intervention

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